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About the Prints

The Printing Process

The prints are individually made by me in my darkroom using the conventional silver based process, which is quickly becoming a thing of the past due to the popularity of digital photography. Unlike the identical prints made by machine, each of my prints are hand crafted, unique interpretations of the image, representing a significant amount of time and effort. In my opinion, it's hard to beat the depth and sense of presence obtainable in a silver gelatin print. They are also exceedingly stable, processed to archival standards, and will keep their brilliance for decades at least. Hanging them away from direct sunlight will help ensure their longevity.



I like the thin profile Neilsen aluminum frames. They are elegant, strong, and simple to assemble. Framed prints purchased on this web site will be in a black frame unless otherwise specified when ordering.

Signing & Numbering

Each print is signed on the front. On the back is my stamp with the title, location, individual print number and other information about the print.

Each print of an image is sequentially numbered as an open edition.


Mounting & Matting

Each print is trimmed to its final size and mounted on a sheet of 4-ply museum board by the dry mount method. This is the best way to make sure the print will stay absolutely flat.

I then cut a window mat from the same board material. I prefer to cut the window larger than the print so that the edges of the print are visible. This creates an impression of more depth; a richer feel than the faster and easier method of covering the edges. The window mat is attached to the bottom board using removeable archival tape along the top edge, like a hinge, so the mat can be easily replaced if it gets damaged.

Finally, a sheet of 1/4" archival foamcore board is attached to the back. This provides support and helps protect against airborne contaminants.

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